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Paul Roberts

1950    Joseph Roberts founded "J. Roberts & Co".

1959    Paul Roberts joins his father in the business.

1970    The Roberts company starts to manufacture new rifles and shotguns.

1984    J. Roberts & Co amalgamates with Rigby ("Johan Rigby & Co").

1997    The Rigby name and rights are sold to Neil Gibson (USA), and Paul Roberts continues with J. Roberts & Co building some of the finest rifles in the industry.

2000    Paul Roberts receive the sole manufacturing right for W.J. Jeffery & Co. firearms.


It is said by the leading authors like Terry Wieland that Paul Roberts is certainly one of the most knowledgeable "double" manufacturers in the world. Paul Roberts carries forward the excellent knowledge on brand names like Rigby and Jeffery, sought after by collectors and hunters world wide.

Few of us know the later year history behind Rigby and Jeffery rifles. Fact remains Paul Roberts will be involved and his perfection is clearly visible in all products produced by the Roberts factory.

Legends are born not made and Paul Roberts will be remembered a long time from now on for his quality products.

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